Makers Local 256
Makers Local is a collective of creative thinkers and builders. They experiment with do-it-yourself technology, rehashing old and even current ideas into new, creative projects. 2StoryProps graciously thanks Makers Local for the space provided for our vacuum forming machine and for the publicity gained from their DIY tech expos.


Volpin Props
Volpin needs no introduction. His projects are known around the prop building and costuming communities. His in-depth blog posts, as well as his friendliness and willingness to answer your questions makes him a contender among the prop builders online.

Punished Props
Punished Props is a fellow prop builder based in the Northwest who makes it his goal to connect to new builders in simple, straightforward methods to not only offer tips and tricks, but also to instill a love of the craft and the community surrounding it.

Smeeon Fabrications
Perhaps best known for his steam punk Professor X wheel chair, Smeeon is another prop builder located here in Huntsville dedicated to making new, unique, and highly detailed props. He is always looking for new methods of fabrication to try, and has done phenominal work with animatronics and electrical systems. He and his wife have helped us on several projects and we are glad to be able to work together on a regular basis.

Resources & Supplies

Smooth-On, Inc.
Smooth-On manufactures the various liquid plastics and rubbers that we use throughout our projects. Their products' ease of use and wide range of compatibilities make them our go-to source for specialty casting materials. They offer regional classes and demonstrations for their products, and their customer service is crucial when troubleshooting problems that may occur in your projects.

Reynolds Advanced Materials
Reynolds is a licensed distributor of Smooth-On products, and is our go-to source for our primary moldmaking and casting materials. Their shipping time can't be beat, and their personal and friendly approach to their customer base is second to none!

McMasters is a favorite source of ours for odds and ends. Need that specialty bearing that you can't find locally? Need that weird plastic thingy that no one else has? McMasters will likely have it.

U.S. Plastic Corp.
We favor U.S. Plastic for their selection of plastic sheeting, specifically regarding thermoforming plastics. Their variety of products, their willingness to accommodate your specific shipping needs, and their speed in order processing keeps us coming back.

Foam Board Suppliers
Need sintra in smaller sheets and varying thicknesses? Go here! 'Nuff said!

The Replica Prop Forum
The RPF is perhaps the most well-known prop and costume discussion forum out there. Topics include screen-used props, prop replicas, costumes, studio models, and special effects, and now recently includes sub-forums discussing specific franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, & DC Comics.

GBFans is the largest internet community for Ghostbusters fandom. Topics include movie discussion, props, and local "franchise" get-togethers.