In our How2 series of tutorials, we will be explaining various aspects of how we build our props. Our tutorials are generally intended for those out there that have at least some prop building experience. We have a wide range of skills, though neither of us claim to be experts in any of them. So the tutorials we show are only intended to show our particular methods for building our props and costumes. Various factors may affect your ability to follow along with our tutorials, such as climate, work space, funding, and material availability, so if you find other methods that work better for your particular application, please differ to those methods.

As a general disclaimer, if you are engaging in any prop building, PLEASE utilize the proper safety measures required for your project. If you are working with any chemicals (resin, paint, etc.), please spend the money for a respirator - they are worth it - and please use proper ventilation. Also, please read up on all of your tools' safety guides and practice safe usage. We are not responsible for your failure to practice safe prop building!

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   Video: Gel Coat (YouTube)
   Video: General Fiberglassing Practices (YouTube)
   Video: Laying Fiberglass Cloth (YouTube)

Smooth-On Mold Star 16 FAST Silicone Rubber
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   Video: Mold Star 16 FAST (YouTube)