August 15, 2011

Daft Punk: FINAL


So this project hasn't been covered very well on the blog, and that's mainly due to the fact that I've been focusing on completing it rather than blogging about it. So in what seems to be my new blogging style, I'll just hit on the highlights.

After both of the helmet castings and all of the hand pieces were cleaned up and prepared for chroming, they were shipped off to Creations N Chrome in California. Right off the bat, the Thomas helmet was damaged during shipping. Something had either fallen on the box, or the box fell, but either way, the helmet was not in any condition to be chromed. A spare casting was rushed out to replace it soon after and they were able to maintain my requested due date, despite the new helmet being shipped a week after the original requested arrival date. While my overall experience with CnC was pretty good, the quality of work they returned to me did not match the quality of work I've seen on their other projects. The main problem that occurred on both helmets was pitting in the chrome finish. Guy's helmet was also damaged in-house. While they did repair it, the results were less than desirable. I've done enough ranting about it on Facebook, so I won't do it here, but I will say that I am not convinced in the least that the pitting problem was a result of anything I did on my end. Despite their defects, I am happy with the finished helmets overall. However, I cannot endorse CnC right now. If you choose to use them for your own project, it should not be done so at my recommendation. Results may vary. ;)

Anyways, completing the overall look are tuxedos from Men's Warehouse. Specifically, our costumes are intended to be replicas of Daft Punk as they appeared at the TRON Legacy movie premier. This is definitely a project I'm proud of. Enjoy the photos, and please check out the flickr album for more! These costumes will be debuted at Dragon*Con 2011 throughout the weekend.







More photos in our flickr album!


  1. That is absolutely amazing!!! awesome job guys!!

  2. will you guys be in the DragonCon parade tomorrow?

  3. looks great man. are you going to dracon con 2012? if so we should get volpin together and have a daft punk party.

  4. Im also going to try to make a daft punk helmet, most likely Guy's helmet. I am using both volpin's and your builds as references. If i manage to get to the part where i need to get the helmet chromed, what type of material do you recommend i cast the helmet out of?
    If you want to reply to an email: