September 21, 2015

Pyrrha Nikos' Milo and Akouo from RWBY

We’ll continue our JNPR write ups with Pyrrha’s sword and shield.


As with Nora’s hammer, Pyrrha’s weapon transforms in the show into a sword, shield, or rifle. At the request of my friend who portrays the character in our group, we decided to make the sword. The build started once again by obtaining the straight-on references from Monty’s facebook page and scaling it up with the grid method. The blade itself is half inch thick made from two layers of MDF. The rest of the sword was built up using layers of MDF, plastic and plywood.



Since this would be a one off build (although I wanted to make a mold I did not have the time or resources available) the tip needed to be reinforced, otherwise the MDF would easily snap. The solution I used was to cut the tip off, add a threaded rod, then rebuild it with ApoxieSculpt. The sword was then primed painted, and given vinyl detailing





For the shield I put our ProtoFormer to use. I started by making a buck out of layers of MDF. Circles were achieved using a homemade compass and carefully cutting them on my scroll saw, then sanding the proper curves in. The details were added with a dremmel engraving tool with small holes drilled all the way through so air could exit during the vacuum forming process. A copy was then pulled using 0.04” styrene. The shield is about 21 inches wide and likely the widest object we can make a pull from.







The pull was trimmed and then mounted to a plywood back piece using Goop. Before the two were joined a 1 inch cube of pink foam was glued to the center of the board to prevent the shield from collapsing in. The straps are bolted into the board using set nuts. The shield was then painted with Krylon paints and hand brushed acrylic for the details.








Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out the write ups for Nora and Lie Ren’s weapons and stay tuned as we finish things up with Jaune!

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-Wayne, 2StoryProps


  1. How did you make the corset?

    1. Hi Faye - I'm the cosplayer in the photo. I used a pre-existing corset and stretched it out to trace a pattern, pinning the existing garment into a cork table and using paper to trace. then I cut out pleather and sewed it onto an existing corset. For the middle piece and accents, I used painted vinyl.

      I still want to learn how to make a corset from scratch and reinforce this top with metal boning. The corset I used was made cheaply with plastic bones and gave me issues after a little while.

      I hope this was helpful. Sorry it took so long for me to see this post.


  2. The shield is separate from the sword/javelin/rifle...thing. Just wanted to point that out.