September 26, 2010

Video Game Proton Pack: Can You Hear Me Now?

While David is making a lightweight pack I went the complete opposite direction and put more weight on for a good cause; SOUND! With some tips from the Louisiana Ghostbusters I started the process of “turning my pack to 15” by installing sound. I’ll briefly explain the work involved in this post, but if you are a ghosthead looking to add sound to your equipment you need to check out this thread on

Here you will find a break down and links for all the components you’ll need.
The first task for putting sound in my pack was adding a new battery and a speaker to the inside of the pack. Originally I had two 9.6 VDC batteries powering the lights, but the speaker required 12 VDC for proper activation. I purchased a rather large rechargeable battery and put it in the cyclotron area to minimize the loading effect on the pack. For the speaker I used a KFC-1662S Kenwood, which is about the largest speaker I can fit in my pack. The speaker was bolted on about an inch from the base of the motherboard. Two bolts were added as well to connect the motherboard to the frame to help support the extra weight.


Since I have extra room in my thrower compared to movie packs I decided to locate the amp, sound chip, and sound chip power supply in the thrower. The sound chip is connected to a bread board that allows me to connect various switches to the sound chip. The sound is controlled by the two trigger switches on the thrower’s trigger box. Flipping the toggle switch will turn on the gun lights and trigger the pack start sound. Turning it off will shut the lights off and emit the shut down hum. The momentary switch will activate the lights in the thrower tip as well as emit a firing sound.


The video below shows the current state of the pack. I still need to install a light kit in the thrower and a DPDT momentary switch for the thrower (this will allow the pack to make the power down noise after it fires). There is a bit more work to do but this clip should give you an idea how loud and impressive the sound kit can be.

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  1. Fantastic, Wayne! Sounds like a jet taking off! As for your gun lights, check once again with Jupiter Electronics...He's offering a prototype of the lights kit.

    The only thing is that he's waiting on getting the board for the glowing white light that goes in the vent area, but I asked him if he could just put in a solid standard white LED instead. So if you want one, just let him know and he should be able to get one out to you like that :)